I’m Michael English, and thank you for your interest in my little space on the internet!

I founded mypersonaltrainer.ie in 2004 having spotted a niche in the market for group fitness and personal training based on flexible plans and drop-in prices. You can train in the studio for as little as €5. This shows my true belief that everyone should have access to a personal trainer. You should learn how to train safely with my guidance before venturing out alone. So rest assured, you will be able to train anywhere in the world after just a few sessions.

I firmly believe there’s no such thing as a quick fix – a sensible eating plan, regular workouts, determination and hard work under my guidance deliver results for clients, every time. Consider myself your director, but ultimately you are the captain of your ship, YOU got to really want this to achieve it.

As a natural born motivator (so I am told), I love nothing more than helping clients achieve more than they ever believed was possible. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing someone fulfil their potential and knowing I played a part in their personal journey to a fitter, healthier future.

When I’m not teaching Bodytone, Tummy Toning,, Spin or Personal Training, I love hitting the studio floor for my own personal workout daily. I run every Saturday morning at my local parkrun in bricksfield park, and then enjoy relaxing to the sound of my favourite sounds from the 80s and 90s. I even produce a two hour pop show for “Replay Radio” which I enjoy immensely. I am currently preparing for my grade 1 piano exam. Wish me luck!

Call me today 087 1276571 and let’s work on a physical and financial plan to get you going. All training at the studio is private, it’s not a gym, so expect a warm welcome from myself and the wee dog “Oscar”.

– Michael English