I am delighted with my results thanks to mypersonaltrainer Michael English. As you can see his direction and experience
shines through. I continue to utilize the classes and personal training to keep the progress going. Thanks again Michael. 








With Michael’s direction I have lost 4 stone and about to complete my first ever Dublin City Marathon. His spin and toning classes proved a very successful cross training prescription and along with more cups of coffee, I look forward to more great workouts in the future.


“In December 2014 I hit 20 stone. In April 2015  I plucked up the courage to do something about it.
From the moment I met and started with Michael, he encouraged and supported me to loose 5 stone.
His expertise, professionalism and friendliness has made my weight loss and fitness journey in 2015 so much more achievable than I ever thought possible.
Believe it or not I made it to Dublin marathon in October 2015 and crossed the finish line!
Whatever your fitness goal is, Michael is the one to choose to guide you. Please join me as one of Michael’s clients and share our success stories.”


“Choosing the right trainer made all the difference,. We agreed a plan based on my fitness goals and at the same time it had to be realistic. Michael‘s 21 years of training experience really can point you in the right direction.

After an initial assessment, Michael provided me with a complete new daily diet plan together with regular contact through emails/texts/phone calls and scheduled facebook chats.

Michael is a born motivator and his approach and enthusiasm to train with made all the difference in achieving my overall goal. With the information I have learned now I am putting into practice and will continue to do so in the future.”

Rob Gibbons

“So after only a few weeks of sessions with Michael, I’m a shadow of my former self. Thank you for pushing me, changing my eating habits and getting me ready for my big day.










“I trained with Michael in 2009 and I found him extremely encouraging and a wonderful motivator.When I started with Michael I was very unfit but in a short space of time my ftness improved dramatically.
Michael had a wonderful ability to push me that bit further and make it a really enjoyable experience.Due to my heavy work schedule this year I haven’t trained much with Michael but I am looking forward to getting back into training with him soon and getting fit again.Thank you for everything Michael, you are a brilliant trainer.”


According to my Facebook memories i was 2 stone heavier in the photo to the left. What a difference a year can make. All the spinning, and bodytoning classes plus some one to one training to learn about proper meal planning and tracking started to pay off. Thank you Michael English @ mypersonaltrainer for all your help over the year. Keep shouting & pushing my lazy ass!! Thank you.