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Welcome to the best Spin (indoor cycling) class in Dublin!

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The benefits

- Increased fitness – Spin builds heart rate and lung capacity
- Weight loss – Burn a minimum 600 calories in just one hour
- Improved body tone and general health
- Abs workout – correct posture on the bike works the tummy muscles.
- Increased energy – Releases endorphins for greater productivity
- Help with lowering cholesterol

What can I expect?

- A class for all ages and abilities, beginners welcome
- A spin studio with cycles lined together so you can train with others
- Variety with new music and motivational routines every week
- Combination of strength, endurance, sprint and climbing work
- Option to work at your own pace and still enjoy being part of the class 
- A safe, focused, fun environment
- Cool-down and stretch session to round off every class

Want to know more?
Check out Spin’s frequently asked questions Here
Learn how to set-up your Spin bike with
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