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Spin with Ireland's leading spin instructor for the ultimate cardio and weight loss workout whatever your current fitness level.


Mums and dads, drop off the kids to school, then in to either or both of these two amazing 30 min training sessions.

Spin for 30 mins at an absolute beginner level and progress each week. Stay on for the following tummy toning training, not only will you get a flatter stomach, but a better deal also!

Watch your fitness level improve instantly and you will notice running around after the kids is not such an ordeal. Have the first session on me. I am sure you will enjoy the multi media experience on the bikes and the floor.

The all important cost is 7.50.


Oct Group Spin Options :

The benefits

- Increased fitness – Spin builds heart rate and lung capacity
- Weight loss – Burn a minimum 600 calories in just one hour
- Improved body tone and general health
- Abs workout – correct posture on the bike works the tummy muscles.
- Increased energy – Releases endorphins for greater productivity
- Help with lowering cholesterol

What can I expect?

- A class for all ages and abilities, beginners welcome
- A spin studio with cycles lined together so you can train with others
- Variety with new music and motivational routines every week
- Combination of strength, endurance, sprint and climbing work
- Option to work at your own pace and still enjoy being part of the class 
- A safe, focused, fun environment
- Cool-down and stretch session to round off every class

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