3 Common Myths That Keep People From Spin Cycling Class…

3 Myths That Keep People From Spin Cycling Class


A fair percentage of my clients say they were afraid to take indoor cycling classes in the past because they think the instructors are like drill sergeants. They tell me frightening stories of hearing the instructor from outside the studio screaming over loud techno music and it just turns them off. Or they tell me stories of the instructor walking around “forcing them” to do the entire workout.

FACT: That’s simply not true! With eight years spin class teaching it is my priority to motivate and to see you succeed at a fun and challenging cardio workout. I tell everyone regardless of their class training experience to stick to their current fitness level and to ensure they are not over doing it at any stage.


Hearing that pulsating music and looking in at sweaty bodies moving their legs round and round really fast is what keeps too many people away, especially a lot of my first-timers that finally stepped in.. But it’s probably what they also see inside to, the commanding instructor and what “looks like” everyone keeping up with a crazy bike ride that seems far too hard!

FACT: First thing I tell my new clients is to enjoy their first class and to last the duration of the class. That is their only goal on day one. With other expert tips from experience, I guarantee to you that these same clients love the class come the last track on the playlist. Remember, spin is one of the few classes that you can take things a lot easier than everyone else without anyone noticing. So even though you are in a group fitness class with mypersonaltrainer, it is also a very personal experience.


I think this is the most common myth about indoor cycling class that keeps spin wannabes away. So many people think this class is like boot camp and they have to keep up with the workout or they get thrown out the nearest window!. They may feel out of shape, it’s too hard, just can’t do it and they’d be in over their head to try it.

FACT: This is TOTALLY false! Actually, spin class is YOUR workout! Think of it as you being in the driver’s seat. You get to control everything! Yes, you have an instructor up front leading the way and choosing the music, but in all reality, you decide how hard you want to make it, and you decide how much resistance you really want on the bike. If the instructor says, “run” and you feel too tired, then don’t run! Really? How does anyone know? No one does! And is anyone really even watching? NO! That’s the beauty of this workout! At the end of the day it’s all you.

So stop stareing in that window with eyes wide open, stop letting those instructor commands startle you and stop thinking you’re too out of shape to take spin, because really this is everyone’s workout and I bet if you try it once, you’ll keep coming back for more.

It would be my pleasure to get you through your first spin class in a fun filled and most importantly, safe manner. Be sure to click the spin link above should you wish to join mypersoantrainer’s super spin classes.

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